Athesi and Eutronix announce their partnership.

Athesi, a French company created in 2005, a product specialist in the automatic identification and professional mobility market, has for the last three years undergone a major transformation of its activities from a distributor importer to a new supplier status, manufacturer . Thus, Athesi is now mainly focused on the study and design of its product offering. Athesi is made up of a team with more than 30 years of experience in the market of professional mobile terminals, it is the insurance of perfectly, to understand the customers needs as well in terms of functionalities of products, as of ergonomics and of course, prices in order to market products corresponding to the business imperatives at the functional and economic levels. Over the past three years, Athesi has developed many PDAs, rugged smartphones and tablets and will soon announce the release of new products.

It is natural that Athesi decided to sell its products through a network of reseller partners through Distributors in each country. Since the end of 2017, the Athesi brand has been resold in Morocco, Italy, Spain and Portugal by a local distributor in each country.

Concerning France, from January 2019, Athesi chose to work with Eutronix France for the distribution of its entire product range. All Athesi Customers will benefit from a better day-to-day service for sales administration, logistics, technical support and financial conditions. Athesi as a manufacturer will always be available with Eutronix France to maintain customer relations and meet their expectations.

In addition to the ATHESI brand, the Gen2wave and Mobilebase brand products imported by Athesi will also be distributed by Eutronix France. As a reminder, Athesi maintains its entire catalog products from its premises in France.

Eutronix France, faithful to its 100% indirect policy, welcomes this new partnership with the manufacturer Athesi which, by the content of its range, will complete the Eutronix offer. The business strategy Athesi is perfectly in line with that of Eutronix France, which works only with manufacturers adopting an indirect policy.

Eutronix France will thus ensure pre-sales, sales administration, logistics and sales support for customers managed until now by Athesi. A new catalog will be launched in early 2019 to highlight all the new Eutronix products where, of course, the Athesi, Gen2wave and Mobilebase ranges will have their place.

Eutronix will also meet all its partners at events to present these 2019 novelties.


ARYAN COMUNICACIONES becomes ATHESI Distributor for Spain

Thanks to a newly signed commercial agreement, Aryan Comunicaciones will be the official distributor of the Athesi range of products in Spain.


July 10, 2018 – The value-added distributor Aryan Comunicaciones is a key player in Spain in the IT sector. This company created in 1994 has its headquarters in Madrid and agencies in Barcelona and Valencia. It consists of more than 80 employees and brings innovative solutions every day to more than 3,000 reseller customers. All sectors of IT activities are addressed by Aryan.

José Antonio Marquez, General Manager of Aryan Comunicaciones, explains: “This agreement will allow us to streghten our industrial vertical offering in line with our decided bet to become one of the most relevant value added distributors in Spain. Athesi’s portfolio, solutions and flexibility will help us grow and better serve the needs of our specialized distribution network”.


Rocco Spano, General Manager Athesi, commented: “We are pleased to expand our international representation with a commercial presence in Spain with such a prestigious partner as Aryan Comunicaciones. We have the same corporate cultures and share the same values. Aryan Comunicaciones will complete its solution offering to its large network of resellers with our innovative product range. ”

Athesi products will be available on the Aryan Comunicaciones website in August.

About Aryan:  Value-added distributor based in Madrid, Spain, with over 24 years of experience in Spanish and Portuguese channel market, and focus on 5 business units: Computer & Periphericals, Visual Technology, IT Security, Networking and DataCenter. With a multidisciplinary team specialized in each unit, Aryan is very committed to partners satisfaction who requires a professional service and a preferential treatment. We distributed products, services, and IT solutions to industrial and business users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions. Our main vendors include niche and top brands such as: Fujitsu, Supermicro, EIZO, Eocortex (Macroscop), Panasonic, Huawei, WatchGuard, Bitdefender, Ctera, TP-LINK, Netgear, Praim, Vertiv, Cososys.

About Athesi:  French company with a team of experts active in the automatic identification and professional mobility market since 1990. Since its creation in 2005, Athesi has always had a sales model in B2B. Athesi acts as a designer, manufacturer, and importer of mobile devices for business users. In line with the needs of trades, our products are available in various options such as RFID reading, barcode reading, 4G LTE, NFC …

Our goal is to provide our customers with innovative and relevant products in their design. In direct daily contact with R & D centers and production plants, we offer you unequaled responsiveness.

Since its creation, Athesi is run by its founders and remains an independent company with its own equity. More than 100,000 daily users trust the robustness and reliability of Athesi products

Athesi expose à Paris Retail Week 2017

Athesi will be here to Paris Retail Week 2017

About Paris Retail Week 2017

Paris Retail Week is the European trade event dedicated to 360 ° commerce. From 19 to 21 September 2017, the retail and e-retail players will meet in the unavoidable meeting where will be present 600 exhibitors and 30 000 professionals. This meeting will be an opportunity for visitors to discover the solutions, services and products of professionals in the sector.

Athesi welcomes you on its stand to inform you, and even be force of proposals! Do not hesitate and come meet us, we will be happy to take time for you.

Order now your visitor badge on the Paris Retail Week website!

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cham athesi


CHAM Chaleur Maintenance

Our customer work is simplified, more efficient in terms of customer follow-up and intervention management. What brings comfort and time savings!


Cham 100% EDF subsidiary company

Offers commissioning of boilers, interviews, interventions,
contracts, sweeps.
More than 300,000 customers
57 sites cover all of France
450 service technicians

The CHAM service technicians, equipped with the RP1000 Athesi PDA, deployed by the mobile solution integrator Nomadvance (, crisscross the whole France for preventive or curative maintenance.
Each technician visits 8 to 14 households per day to check the safety of the heating system and the conformity of the installations.

The technicians' schedule is sent directly to the Athesi RP1000 via the 3.5G communication system. Thanks to the RP1000 Athesi and on-board data, the technician can quickly have the history of interventions and check the elements of the current maintenance contract. Once the work is done, the technician closes his intervention after signing the client directly on the RP1000 Athesi. Through a Bluetooth printer connected to the RP1000 Athesi, an A4 bill is printed and left with the customer's certificate of passage and maintenance. In real time the intervention is recorded and all new information saved on the RP1000 Athesi PDA. Thanks to the PDA, during their visits, technicians are directly in a position to renew a contract or a new contract. The GPS information allows Headquarters to send other requests for intervention in real time. Thanks to SofToGo's Wireless Deployer management software (, the head office is able to remotely monitor the status of the RP1000 Athesi and improve the application automatically.

Mr. Claude Famelart, Regional Manager, says the RP1000 Athesi is truly an exceptional product in terms of ergonomics and compact design. Technicians are forced to carry heavy tools and have a PDA as light as the RP1000 Athesi is a real advantage for the everyday. The robustness of the product and its perfect reliability make the product functional all the time. All these assets led to a perfect acceptance of the product by the mobile teams. The virtual keyboard is also a significant advantage in time saving compared to an external keyboard. Mr. Claude Famelart concluded by saying that all the RP1000 plus have allowed to increase the number of customer interventions and therefore the productivity of technicians. Raoul Dupin of Saint Cyr, marketing manager, specifies that the RP1000 Athesi can significantly reduce the administrative tasks deemed uninteresting as the capture of intervention vouchers. This time saving allows CHAM to highlight other value-added services, not to mention the growing customer satisfaction.

garanka athesi



Market: Heating
Application: Onsite installation and maintenance
Product: Tablet Athesi E8
- Improve intervention follow-up
- Bring more comfort and efficiency to technicians

"A tablet for the anticipation, efficiency and convenience of our technicians during their work with our customers.

Who is GARANKA ?

GARANKA is a specialist in maintenance and replacement of heating appliances, domestic hot water production and individual ventilation.
In the 2000s, the French energy market opened up to actors other than GDF. From 2007, the VAILLANT group, specialist in heating, hot water production and air conditioning, saw new opportunities and the opportunity to get closer to its users. As a result, the group decided to create an entity dedicated to the installation and maintenance of individual boilers and heaters; it operates on any type and model of individual boilers on the market. Its clients are individuals and public authorities, such as public housing companies. GARANKA has expanded by integrating, in a very short time, companies, heating specialists, at local or regional level.

These companies are very competent and close to their customers, essential priorities for GARANKA.
It is now one of the 3 largest individual heating maintenance companies in France with more than 800 employees including 550 heating technicians.
Its current organization allows it to intervene in a very short time at its customers, while advocating annual contracts with preventive maintenance.

« The fundamental values of GARANKA are the respect of the customer and its contracts, the reactivity, the quality of the interventions and the service but also the recommendations that we can give them on the necessary interviews and the purchase of new ones. facilities. » Olivier Giraud, Director of Operations Garanka.

Garanka's challenge in 2016

There is a need to replace existing mobile equipment used in the field.
PDAs have been used daily and intensively. The objectives of quality and reactivity of the company, required a replacement at the most opportune moment, so as not to have a break in the quality of the service.
GARANKA then makes a new consultation of market players. The main constraint was to have hardware hardened and perrein under Windows, compatible with existing hardware allowing a fast portability of tools and integrated applications.

« Garanka was looking to equip its technicians with a versatile IT tool, supporting the special application of intervention monitoring management and technical graphics of equipment supported in maintenance. » explain Olivier Giraud.

GARANKA also sought a solution that allowed for more functionality and increased comfort for technicians in their daily tasks.

« A tablet for the comfort of work, the anticipation and the efficiency of our technicians during their interventions with our customers. » 

The chosen solution, the rugged tablet 8’’ E8 of‘ATHESI
The Athesi E8 tablet, with its very comfortable 8 '' screen, has not only fully met the expectations of the DSI Garanka, but especially those of field intervention technicians.

A product that summarizes the needs and uses of service technicians: the 8 '' ATHESI E8 tablet

The 8 '' version of the ATHESI E Series is available under Windows 10.
It is light, silent and fast with a very good memory capacity, equivalent to the high-end models of consumer tablets.
From its conception, it was planned for an intensive professional use and in all circumstances (readable in highlights, totally waterproof (IP67, reinforced on the angles as well as on the shell and the screen) with a great autonomy, of the order of 8 hours minimum, ie 1 full day of intervention.

Other essential elements were determining for the choice of the material: the relation between the chosen integrator, the company Wiio and the manufacturer Athesi: WIIO-ATHESI, the reactivity and the professionalism of 2 partners in addition to the qualities of the proposed equipment by ATHESI.
Added to this are the commitments made by Athesi regarding the durability of equipment, maintenance in France and delivery times, which thanks to a local stock in France, are very fast. Finally the cost of acquisition and implementation of the E8 tablet: despite the fact that the E8 tablet is newer technology with a more comfortable screen than the previous terminals used by Garanka in ¼ VGA, it remains economically more attractive , both in terms of purchase price and maintenance follow-up.

The effectiveness of the partnership Athesi-Wiio

During this renewal, the ATHESI-WIIO partnership was effective and confirmed the correctness of GARANKA's choice. During the implementation of tablets which has been staggered, at the request of the customer, over several months, ATHESI has ensured the supply of equipment at the start of each GARANKA antenna with a new solution.

In record time, while the order process was more demanding and complex client side: deliver dozens of tablets to the integrator sometimes in less than a week. To date, nearly 600 tablets have been deployed.

ATHESI, a national manufacturer expert in professional mobility

ATHESI, a French company, is a specialist in professional mobile computing tools (hardened PDAs, semi-hardened and hardened tablets, ...) for logistics companies, transport, maintenance and energy management. Official representative in Europe of Korean high-tech mobile equipment, for about ten years, ATHESI has developed its own products for European companies and their uses of mobile tools.
«  Athesi has developed the E8 series of tablets, to which the E8 belongs, to bring the best of technology to the nomadic maintenance and data collection applications, adapted to the latest uses.  » explain Sébastien Michellet, Commercial and Marketing director at Athesi.
And add « The importance of effective customer service and maintenance, located in France, is a real differentiating factor in the mobile computing market ».

Since the implementation of the E8 tablets, GARANKA technicians can visualize the technical drawings of the boilers to be serviced, directly at the customer's. They can consult the history of interventions on the same boiler. They order and manage their stock of parts and at the end of the intervention, deliver a delivery note and an invoice directly to the customer.
Saving time, comfort of intervention, anticipation of breakdowns by preventive interventions easier to plan ... GARANKA, thus allows its nomadic employees to improve their interventions and spend more time for customer advice. For institutions moving from paper to tablet, the ROI and performance gains are even more obvious.

The customer is completely satisfied with the chosen solution.
Finally, the return rates in SAV are very low since the departure. The E8 tablet is perfectly designed for intensive and professional use. Its reliability is therefore confirmed during everyday use.

« Our customer work is simplified, more efficient in terms of customer follow-up and intervention management. What brings comfort and time savings! », technician of GARANKA.

shows athesi


Come to see us in different shows !

Athesi will be in their different shows :

SEPEM – Rouen – 30th january to 1st february 2018 – Parc des Expositions – Rouen
SITL – 20th to 30th march 2018 – Parc des Expositions – Hall 1 – Stand C56 – Villepinte
ERP Solution – 24th to 26th septembere 2018 – Parc des Expositions – Hall 2.2 Stand F19 – Porte de Versailles, Paris
Mobility for Business – 16th and 17th october 2018 – Parc des Expositions – Porte de Versailles, Paris

Come meet us! The Athesi team will be there to welcome you, advise you and even propose solutions. We will listen to you and make proposals to improve the productivity of your company.

News products

EID10 pour RP1600

EID10, the unique accessory for identity checks

EID10 is one of the Gen2Wave accessories that is designed to provide identity checks with greater ease. This feature-rich accessory reserve is the perfect tool for security guards, customs agents or law enforcement.

Identity control through different readers

In addition to aRP1600,
EID10 will enable agents to speed up identity checks with individuals with its many included readers. The EID10 is equipped with a digital fingerprint reader, a smart card reader, a magnetic card reader, an NFC reader, and an optical reading area.

Digital fingerprint reader

Located on the front of the EID10, the fingerprint reader will capture, control fingerprints anytime, anywhere with the help of PDA Gen2Wave RP1600. In addition, the reading area is sized at 8 x 8 x 0.7 mm, and 192 x 192 pixels (508dpi).

Smart card reader

Located on the back of the hardened smartphone RP1600 , the smart card reader is going to allow to read the data on the card according to EEM ; No-EVM.

Magnetic card reader

Also present on the front of the accessory, the magnetic card reader is integrated. This module is able to read magnetic cards meeting the ISO7811 / 2-5 standard.

RFID reader HF / NFC

Need to check the balance of a prepaid card or check a professional badge? The EID10 will also enable this feature using its RFID HF / NFC multi-protocol reader (14,443 and 15693).

Reader OCR

Do you need to quickly read IDs? The EID10 is equipped with an optical reader that will quickly and accurately read IDs ranging from 2 lines of 36 characters to 3 lines of 30 characters, such as ID cards , driver's license and passports.

The All-in-One accessory for identity checks

It must be recognized that EID10, coupled with smartphone RP1600, brings together a set of readers in one accessory is a real asset to the productivity of your agents.

Also, the EID10 is compact (112mm x 78mm x 46mm), and IP54 certified. Coupled with the RP1600 it is designed to withstand falls up to 1.50 meters and can work both indoors and outdoors.

Do you have a project that includes a need to read information? Take contact with us for an accompaniment on your project!

Technical documentation EID10

Mobiix become distributor for Italy

Thanks to a newly signed commercial agreement, Mobiix will be the official reseller of the ATHESI range of products, thus entering the Italian market.

13 décembre 2017 – The specialty ofMobiix is not only providing its customers with innovative solutions for traceability and data collection, but also the most appropriate material support for working in the field. mobility.

Broadening of the offer Mobiix

Walter Roffinoli, co-founder and CEO of Mobiix,explains: "The widening of our offer allows us to offer to the market devices adapted to each need, selected by our team on the basis of reliability, durability and the optimal relationship betweenprice and performance. Characteristics we found in Athesi's products. "

Athesi, specialist in mobility and traceability solutions

Created in 2005, Athesi is a French company based in Bry sur Marne, made up of a team of experts active in the market of automatic identification and professional mobility since 1990.

Athesi manufactures, imports and distributes a full range of equipment to increase business efficiency and productivity. Customizable products that meet all the needs of mobility : tablets, terminals, PDAs, enhanced smartphones, with different operating systems (Microsoft, Google).
One of the main features of the terminalsAthesi
is a particularly long life cycle , ensuring a real return on investment. The European maintenance center of Athesi is located in France.

A quality partnership

Rocco Spano, Managing Director Athesi comments: "We are happy to bring our offer to Italy throughMobiix,
a partner we know well and with whom we share the constant quest for quality, focused customer focus and a market-oriented approach focused on ensuring the speed and efficiency of customer service. "
Products Athesi will be available on the website of Mobiix in December.

Mobiix, traceability solutions specialist in Italy

Mobiix is also a research and development center dedicated to designing intelligent solutions for enterprise mobility with the aim of simplifying and optimizing each process of traceability and data collection.
Founded by a group of experts with over 10 years of professional experience in technologically advanced international contexts, Mobiix is registered as a CRTT - Center for Research, Technology Transfer and Support for Innovation in the Questio System (Quality Assessment in Science and Technology for Innovation). Lombardy.