Gen2Wave RP1500

3.5 inches windows mobile


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The Android PDA ultra powerful: The RP1500 !

The PDA RP1500 with its 3.5-inch display, is a hardened smartphone professional handheld & nbsp; Android version: high performance features & nbsp; with a Octocore CPU </ strong> 1.8 Ghz, IP64, 3Go 16GB Flash RAM, μSD port. 3.5 inch WVGA. APN 13 Mpixels Flash Auto Focus. Bluetooth V4, WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n, 4GLTE </ strong>, Imager 1D / 2D , RFID HF of which NFC.

Small, lightweight but rugged, the RP1500 is the perfect mobile terminal for outdoor use. It's also one of the few hardened keyboard products running Android or WEH 6.5 5 (in this case RP1200)

The RP1500 has a removable handle </ strong> ( Gun </ strong> version) to ensure compatibility and versatility for all logistics and mobility tradesoutdoor.

Very powerful and equipped with a multitude of accessories, & nbsp; the RP1500 is lightweight and very compact with a battery life able to meet the applications the most greedy and the longest working time.

Do you want a strong smartphone that matches 100% business requirements? Discover without delay the RP1500, the smartphone all terrain with features at all events.</p

Additional information

Accessoires compatibles

Crosse amovible

Taille écran

3,5 pouces

Batterie standard

1 860 mAh

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Samsung Exynos 5430

Mémoire stockage

32 Go


Android, Android 4.x