Athesi RT80

8 inch compact Windows, hot swappable battery


office dock rt80

Office dock

vehicle dock 3 rt80

Vehicle dock

battery charger RT80

Battery charger

office dock rt80

Quick release locking design

vehicle dock 3 rt80

Key Lock

battery charger RT80

Kensington key














Athesi tablets in the RT range help optimize the efficiency and productivity of professionals.

The ruggedized Windows 10 Professional Athesi RT80 tablet is the new benchmark for professional tablets for mobile workers. For a screen, size matters. That's why we developed the rugged RT80 tablet with an 8-inch display readable in direct sunlight. Screen neither too small nor too big, the right compromise for a professional use.

The rugged, all-weather Athesi RT80 tablet is the perfect work assistant for you wherever you are (in the office or outdoors). The RT80 is the perfect size to work with, and its fine, ergonomic structure allows you to hold it comfortably in one hand.

Thanks to its uncompromising resistance characteristics, the RT80 offers a durable solution with robustness. Powerful and effective, the RT80 tablet is an incredible amount of power and technology. Equipped with the latest Intel® Cherry Trail ™ xZ8550 four-core processor dedicated to mobility, the RT80 tablet provides all the efficiency you need to work, without compromising battery life. Solid and versatile, the RT80 industrial tablet combines the best of technology in one device for the mobility of professionals in the transport, logistics, retail and industry sectors. The RT80 Athesi, is ideal for performing field repairs, maintenance in the field of water / gas / electricity services and telecommunications, as well as defense, police and emergency services, aeronautics and construction, where working conditions are an ongoing challenge. Never before has a device brought together so much flexibility and performance.

The RT80 tablet Athesi, offers all the physical interfaces necessary for professional use (2x USB 3.0 ports, 1x micro HDMI, 1x headphone jack, 1x card reader (TF)).

A wide range of accessories isavailable for the RT80 tablet:

  • Dock
  • Vehicle station

  • Vehicle charger

  • slipcover

  • shoulder strap

Informazioni aggiuntive

Batterie standard

11 850 mAh

Indice de chute

1 m

Indice de protection


Lecteur code à barres


Mémoire stockage

32 Go, 64 Go, 128 Go


Android 7.x, Windows, Windows 10

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Taille écran



Intel Atom TM X5-Z8550 Processor, Rockchip RK3399