Athesi FRDT10


The Athesi FRDT10 system provides a response to the protection of your employees, customers and suppliers. Indeed, in the current context linked to the pandemic due to COVID-19, Athesi offers a solution based on the precautionary principle by offering the possibility of using the FRDT10.

You just have to position yourself in front of the device and the device, depending on its configuration and the activated functions, can check:

  • your temperature
  • if a protective mask is used
  • identity by facial recognition
  • identity by card

The FRDT10 can be installed in stand-alone mode or in mode connected to the information system of your structure.

It can be positioned in a kiosk available for consultation or in access control mode. In the latter case, it is possible to use its numerous I / O and network interfaces to control a door, a light, or simply to warn of the arrival of a visitor.

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