A full range of integrated services

Support service

Athesi provides you with a dedicated technical support in French and free to assist you in the proper use of our products. Our hotline answers all your questions and, as far as possible, helps you to avoid a return of the product in our maintenance workshops by providing you with the necessary support upstream. This support is accessible in the phases before and after sale. You can join this service in different ways:

Personalization service

  • Mastering : We can assist you in creating your masters and optimize your deployments.
  • Product modification :Depending on the size of your projects, we are able to study the possible modifications and adaptations of our equipment but also their OS and firmwares to meet your business requirements.
  • Logistic : After study, we offer customized solutions with the implementation of specific processes in the factory (installation of masters, custom packaging, labeling, ...) thus simplifying the optimization of your supply chain and thus saving you time and money. money.

Maintenance service

In our market, few companies carry out product repairs in France. We attach great importance to having our own maintenance workshops in order to guarantee a high level of performance and a perfectly mastered deadline. Based in France, our repair shops are composed of a team of engineers and specialized technicians, the workshop is thus able to repair all the technical anomalies. Our service personnel is in regular contact with the R & D, which allows a constant qualitative evolution of our products. We offer you an offer of standard service contracts or customized to meet the requirements of the various trades.

Logistic Service

Athesi has, locally, a large stock of new products to guarantee the best possible delivery times. In the same way, our large stock of spare parts enables us to offer an optimal quality of service and to respect our commitments of deadlines within the framework of our services of maintenance. Our deliveries for Continental France are carriage paid. Upon shipment of the material we give you access to tracking the package to
follow his delivery
in real time.