Athesi E10TL

10 inch, android


battery charger RT80


Why buy a tablet Athesi E10TL Android?

Many customers are hesitating between the purchase of so-called hardened tablets and so-called consumer tablets. Two major elements lead to this reflection: the financial aspect and the aesthetic aspect of which is the weight and the level of size of a tablet. Should we deny all the benefits of rugged products such as durability, autonomy, robustness, after sales service, technical support? The answer is no ! Not anymore ! With the TL range you enjoy the benefits of the "mainstream" look and the main benefits of the professional product. The E10TL Android is a 10.1 inch tablet whose ambition is to offer you a perfect value for money and the best compromise between the consumer tablet and the professional tablet. This tablet format is a good balance between ergonomics and robustness confirmed, lightweight and robust at a time.

Waterproof and dustproof, for use in a professional environment and designed for impact resistance, this ergonomic tablet is undoubtedly the lightest of its kind, it weighs 927gr; physically she has nothing to envy to the consumer tablets on the other hand she knows how to make the difference in length and in hostile environments. Designed with dedicated materials to withstand falls, the Android E10TL tablet takes the hit, whatever your working day is prepared for you!

Whether you work in trade, security, public services, diagnostics, audit, transport, health .... the E10TL professional tablet will allow you to improve the efficiency of your business through your mobile teams, and for a much longer period than those of so-called mass-market mobile devices. The TL range offers versatile models designed to perfectly replace your laptops or tablet PCs. The E10TL tablet is a true force of nature with a slim, lightweight design that includes all the features needed for mobile workers.


Main characteristics

  • Robust - IP-65 - MIL-STD-810G - no need for protective shell. Usable by negative temperature and in the rain.
  • 10.1 inch screen size: Display comfort with 1280x800 resolution
  • Screen treated: for use in full sun with 400 nits of brightness
  • Capacitive touch technology: 10 points G + G multi touch industrial with digitizer
  • Fanless design: No operating noise and reduced power consumption.
  • Android 7.0 with MT8783 (8core) processor for assured compatibility with your applications
  • Numerous communication ports: makes it easy to interface.
  • 3G communication modem, integrated GPS RFID HF / NFC: no need to use a device.
  • Built-in 10000 mAh extended battery: allows you to use the tablet while limiting time constraints.
  • Durability ensured: availability of services up to 3 years with contracts that may include breakage.
  • Maintenance in France.


Additional information


Android 7.x

Taille écran


Résolution écran


Mémoire stockage

16 Go

Mémoire RAM



MT8735A (4core)

Indice de protection


Indice de chute


Batterie standard

10 000 mAh



Lecteur code à barres

1D, 1D/2D

Communication WAN

3G, A-GPS, Wi-fi