The RPT100 is a handheld product that includes a barcode reader and a UHF RFID coupler with a Bluetooth communication interface compatible with operating systems using Android, iOS or Windows (Mobile, CE, PC).

Unlike conventional UHF RFID handhelds with a gun format, the RPT100 is an ultra thin and lightweight (220g), very compact and ergonomic device. Thanks to its Impinj R2000 technology, the RPT100 ensures a very good RFID reading in hostile environments and this with a very good distance (9 meters). The RPT100 has all the characteristics of hardened terminals with an IP68 seal allowing it to withstand full immersion and resistance to falls of 1.8 meters.

Features that make the RPT100 unique

  • The RPT100 incorporates one of the most advanced RFID components.

SJC (Self Jammer Cancellation) technology ensures readability in harsh environments with a reading depth of 9 meters.

  • Long range

The performance of the receiver allows a reading distance greater than 9 meters.

  • Metal environments

SJC technology maintains its outstanding performance even with radio reflections in environments with many metal structures.

  • Ultra hardened

This product is IP68 certified, that is to say it is waterproof. In addition, it is resistant to multiple drops on concrete up to 1.8 m.

  • Compatible with various host devices

The RPT100 is a versatile RFID & Barcode UHF reader that works with all devices (desktops, smartphones, tablets running OS, Android 4.4, iOS7, Windows 10.8.7, Vista, XP, Mobile, CE, MAC).

  • Built-in 2D and UHF barcode reader

The RPT100, thanks to its integrated barcode reader, can easily scan 2D barcodes. You can easily select the content to be read by easily selecting the RFID coupler or the barcode reader.

  • long battery life

The RPT100 has the characteristics of a hardened device with a remarkable autonomy of more than 12 hours.

  • Conductive wireless charging and Magconn data synchronization

The Magconn Wireless Conductive Connection allows data transfer with 99% efficiency. By using the Magconn compact wireless magnetic battery charger, it is easy to charge the device even in a limited space and time.

  • Circular antenna with long distance reading: electromagnetic wave with circular polarization

Regardless of the orientation of the tags, playback performance is not affected at all, even for long distances.

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Android 6.x, CE, iOS 7, MAC OS X, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista XP Movile

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12h autonomie, 3,300 mAh

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