Athesi E8CL

8 inch, windows 10


battery charger RT80


Athesi, E8CL, dedicated for the company! Never has a tablet been so robust and elegant at the same time!

Hostile environments will not cause you any more problems with the E8CL tablet. It is specially designed for all trades in the field, industry, construction and, more generally, all trades with high mobility constraints. Robustness and design in a single tablet, you will not be able to do without the E8CL in the field and office. The CL range of versatile models designed to be a perfect alternative between your laptops or consumer tablets. The Windows 10 E8CL tablet, with a sleek, modern design, includes all the necessary features for workers who are still mobile.

The rugged E8CL tablet is not only designed to meet rugged field requirements but also offers a range of features that can meet a wide range of applications. This tablet is really different from others. Indeed, beyond a business tool, it is the perfect working assistant for all users having to move. All the benefits of a hardened product and a consumer product in one tablet.

Equipped with Windows 10 Pro Enterprise, 4GBRAM, 64GBSSD, 4GLTE, GPS, NFC, the E8CL is thus versatile in all business uses. It will be able to leave industrial sites and continue synchronizing data. The battery allows teams to work continuously.

This innovative tablet has been designed for mobile professionals working in the industrial sector, transport and logistics, energy sectors (water, gas, electricity), audit, field technicians installers and maintainers etc.

The Athesi E Series brings a new level of flexibility, functionality, and robust design to mobile devices, empowering users to streamline business processes, increase productivity, and improve customer service.

IP67 certified, it guarantees waterproofness and resistance to dust and shocks. This very ergonomic tablet is without any doubts the lightest of its kind, it weighs 647gr. Designed with dedicated materials to resist falls, your tablet E8CL cash hits, whatever your day work. Whether you work in the trades of commerce, security, public services, diagnosis, audit, transport, health .... the E8CL professional tablet will help you improve the efficiency of your business.

Main characteristics

  • Robust - IP-67 - MIL-STD-810G - no need for protective shell. Usable by negative temperature and in the rain.
  • 8-inch screen size: Display comfort with 1280x800 resolution
  • Screen treated: for use in full sun with 320 nits of brightness
  • Capacitive touch technology: 10 points Multi touch G + G industrial with digitazer
  • Fanless design: No operating noise and reduced power consumption.
  • Windows 10 with Intel cherrytrail Z8350 processor for assured compatibility with your applications
  • Numerous communication ports: makes it easy to interface.
  • 3G, GPS or RFID HF / NFC communication modem thanks to an external device.
  • 7500 Mah built-in extended battery : allows you to use the tablet while limiting time constraints.
  • Durability ensured: availability of services up to 3 years with contracts that may include breakage.
  • Maintenance en France.


Additional information


Windows 10

Taille écran


Résolution écran


Type de dalle


Mémoire stockage

32 Go, 64 Go, 128 Go

Mémoire RAM



Intel Cherrytrail (Quad-core), Z8350, 1.84 Ghz

Indice de protection


Indice de chute


Batterie standard

7500 mAh