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Market: Heating
Application: Onsite installation and maintenance
Product: Tablet Athesi E8
- Improve intervention follow-up
- Bring more comfort and efficiency to technicians

"A tablet for the anticipation, efficiency and convenience of our technicians during their work with our customers.

Who is GARANKA ?

GARANKA is a specialist in maintenance and replacement of heating appliances, domestic hot water production and individual ventilation.
In the 2000s, the French energy market opened up to actors other than GDF. From 2007, the VAILLANT group, specialist in heating, hot water production and air conditioning, saw new opportunities and the opportunity to get closer to its users. As a result, the group decided to create an entity dedicated to the installation and maintenance of individual boilers and heaters; it operates on any type and model of individual boilers on the market. Its clients are individuals and public authorities, such as public housing companies. GARANKA has expanded by integrating, in a very short time, companies, heating specialists, at local or regional level.

These companies are very competent and close to their customers, essential priorities for GARANKA.
It is now one of the 3 largest individual heating maintenance companies in France with more than 800 employees including 550 heating technicians.
Its current organization allows it to intervene in a very short time at its customers, while advocating annual contracts with preventive maintenance.

« The fundamental values of GARANKA are the respect of the customer and its contracts, the reactivity, the quality of the interventions and the service but also the recommendations that we can give them on the necessary interviews and the purchase of new ones. facilities. » Olivier Giraud, Director of Operations Garanka.

Garanka's challenge in 2016

There is a need to replace existing mobile equipment used in the field.
PDAs have been used daily and intensively. The objectives of quality and reactivity of the company, required a replacement at the most opportune moment, so as not to have a break in the quality of the service.
GARANKA then makes a new consultation of market players. The main constraint was to have hardware hardened and perrein under Windows, compatible with existing hardware allowing a fast portability of tools and integrated applications.

« Garanka was looking to equip its technicians with a versatile IT tool, supporting the special application of intervention monitoring management and technical graphics of equipment supported in maintenance. » explain Olivier Giraud.

GARANKA also sought a solution that allowed for more functionality and increased comfort for technicians in their daily tasks.

« A tablet for the comfort of work, the anticipation and the efficiency of our technicians during their interventions with our customers. » 

The chosen solution, the rugged tablet 8’’ E8 of‘ATHESI
The Athesi E8 tablet, with its very comfortable 8 '' screen, has not only fully met the expectations of the DSI Garanka, but especially those of field intervention technicians.

A product that summarizes the needs and uses of service technicians: the 8 '' ATHESI E8 tablet

The 8 '' version of the ATHESI E Series is available under Windows 10.
It is light, silent and fast with a very good memory capacity, equivalent to the high-end models of consumer tablets.
From its conception, it was planned for an intensive professional use and in all circumstances (readable in highlights, totally waterproof (IP67, reinforced on the angles as well as on the shell and the screen) with a great autonomy, of the order of 8 hours minimum, ie 1 full day of intervention.

Other essential elements were determining for the choice of the material: the relation between the chosen integrator, the company Wiio and the manufacturer Athesi: WIIO-ATHESI, the reactivity and the professionalism of 2 partners in addition to the qualities of the proposed equipment by ATHESI.
Added to this are the commitments made by Athesi regarding the durability of equipment, maintenance in France and delivery times, which thanks to a local stock in France, are very fast. Finally the cost of acquisition and implementation of the E8 tablet: despite the fact that the E8 tablet is newer technology with a more comfortable screen than the previous terminals used by Garanka in ¼ VGA, it remains economically more attractive , both in terms of purchase price and maintenance follow-up.

The effectiveness of the partnership Athesi-Wiio

During this renewal, the ATHESI-WIIO partnership was effective and confirmed the correctness of GARANKA's choice. During the implementation of tablets which has been staggered, at the request of the customer, over several months, ATHESI has ensured the supply of equipment at the start of each GARANKA antenna with a new solution.

In record time, while the order process was more demanding and complex client side: deliver dozens of tablets to the integrator sometimes in less than a week. To date, nearly 600 tablets have been deployed.

ATHESI, a national manufacturer expert in professional mobility

ATHESI, a French company, is a specialist in professional mobile computing tools (hardened PDAs, semi-hardened and hardened tablets, ...) for logistics companies, transport, maintenance and energy management. Official representative in Europe of Korean high-tech mobile equipment, for about ten years, ATHESI has developed its own products for European companies and their uses of mobile tools.
«  Athesi has developed the E8 series of tablets, to which the E8 belongs, to bring the best of technology to the nomadic maintenance and data collection applications, adapted to the latest uses.  » explain Sébastien Michellet, Commercial and Marketing director at Athesi.
And add « The importance of effective customer service and maintenance, located in France, is a real differentiating factor in the mobile computing market ».

Since the implementation of the E8 tablets, GARANKA technicians can visualize the technical drawings of the boilers to be serviced, directly at the customer's. They can consult the history of interventions on the same boiler. They order and manage their stock of parts and at the end of the intervention, deliver a delivery note and an invoice directly to the customer.
Saving time, comfort of intervention, anticipation of breakdowns by preventive interventions easier to plan ... GARANKA, thus allows its nomadic employees to improve their interventions and spend more time for customer advice. For institutions moving from paper to tablet, the ROI and performance gains are even more obvious.

The customer is completely satisfied with the chosen solution.
Finally, the return rates in SAV are very low since the departure. The E8 tablet is perfectly designed for intensive and professional use. Its reliability is therefore confirmed during everyday use.

« Our customer work is simplified, more efficient in terms of customer follow-up and intervention management. What brings comfort and time savings! », technician of GARANKA.