Athesi and Eutronix announce their partnership.

Athesi, a French company created in 2005, a product specialist in the automatic identification and professional mobility market, has for the last three years undergone a major transformation of its activities from a distributor importer to a new supplier status, manufacturer . Thus, Athesi is now mainly focused on the study and design of its product offering. Athesi is made up of a team with more than 30 years of experience in the market of professional mobile terminals, it is the insurance of perfectly, to understand the customers needs as well in terms of functionalities of products, as of ergonomics and of course, prices in order to market products corresponding to the business imperatives at the functional and economic levels. Over the past three years, Athesi has developed many PDAs, rugged smartphones and tablets and will soon announce the release of new products.

It is natural that Athesi decided to sell its products through a network of reseller partners through Distributors in each country. Since the end of 2017, the Athesi brand has been resold in Morocco, Italy, Spain and Portugal by a local distributor in each country.

Concerning France, from January 2019, Athesi chose to work with Eutronix France for the distribution of its entire product range. All Athesi Customers will benefit from a better day-to-day service for sales administration, logistics, technical support and financial conditions. Athesi as a manufacturer will always be available with Eutronix France to maintain customer relations and meet their expectations.

In addition to the ATHESI brand, the Gen2wave and Mobilebase brand products imported by Athesi will also be distributed by Eutronix France. As a reminder, Athesi maintains its entire catalog products from its premises in France.

Eutronix France, faithful to its 100% indirect policy, welcomes this new partnership with the manufacturer Athesi which, by the content of its range, will complete the Eutronix offer. The business strategy Athesi is perfectly in line with that of Eutronix France, which works only with manufacturers adopting an indirect policy.

Eutronix France will thus ensure pre-sales, sales administration, logistics and sales support for customers managed until now by Athesi. A new catalog will be launched in early 2019 to highlight all the new Eutronix products where, of course, the Athesi, Gen2wave and Mobilebase ranges will have their place.

Eutronix will also meet all its partners at events to present these 2019 novelties.