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Our products are rugged and waterproof, they are designed to last over time and meet the most demanding external constraints. Real tools to help you work, they allow you to optimize your flow and gain productivity. Our equipment is available in different configurations to meet your business requirements (different sizes of screens, different OS …). In the same way, you make the choice of the options of which you have the utility and do not pay those which you would not be necessary (RFID HF, RFID UHF, NFC, 4G LTE, barcode reader …) ..

Smartphones durcis

Rugged smartphones

Tablettes durcies

Rugged tablets

PDA et Terminaux portables

PDA / Terminls

Imprimantes portables

Portable printers

Lecteurs code à barres

Barcode Readers

Terminaux embarqués

Rugged Terminals

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