EID10 pour RP1600

EID10, the unique accessory for identity checks

EID10 is one of the Gen2Wave accessories that is designed to provide identity checks with greater ease. This feature-rich accessory reserve is the perfect tool for security guards, customs agents or law enforcement.

Identity control through different readers

In addition to aRP1600,
EID10 will enable agents to speed up identity checks with individuals with its many included readers. The EID10 is equipped with a digital fingerprint reader, a smart card reader, a magnetic card reader, an NFC reader, and an optical reading area.

Digital fingerprint reader

Located on the front of the EID10, the fingerprint reader will capture, control fingerprints anytime, anywhere with the help of PDA Gen2Wave RP1600. In addition, the reading area is sized at 8 x 8 x 0.7 mm, and 192 x 192 pixels (508dpi).

Smart card reader

Located on the back of the hardened smartphone RP1600 , the smart card reader is going to allow to read the data on the card according to EEM ; No-EVM.

Magnetic card reader

Also present on the front of the accessory, the magnetic card reader is integrated. This module is able to read magnetic cards meeting the ISO7811 / 2-5 standard.

RFID reader HF / NFC

Need to check the balance of a prepaid card or check a professional badge? The EID10 will also enable this feature using its RFID HF / NFC multi-protocol reader (14,443 and 15693).

Reader OCR

Do you need to quickly read IDs? The EID10 is equipped with an optical reader that will quickly and accurately read IDs ranging from 2 lines of 36 characters to 3 lines of 30 characters, such as ID cards , driver's license and passports.

The All-in-One accessory for identity checks

It must be recognized that EID10, coupled with smartphone RP1600, brings together a set of readers in one accessory is a real asset to the productivity of your agents.

Also, the EID10 is compact (112mm x 78mm x 46mm), and IP54 certified. Coupled with the RP1600 it is designed to withstand falls up to 1.50 meters and can work both indoors and outdoors.

Do you have a project that includes a need to read information? Take contact with us for an accompaniment on your project!

Technical documentation EID10